3 Reasons to Hire a Janitor for Your Cedar Rapids, IA Business

April 10th, 2018 · No Comments

When it comes to caring for your commercial office space in the Cedar Rapids, IA, area there are a number of reasons to make certain your office is freshly cleaned, from the corners of the public restroom to the ceilings on the third floor!

Whether you’re looking for assistance with mopping or dusting, garbage disposal or specialty jobs, the folks at ServiceMaster Building Maintenance understand exactly how many reasons you might have to hire a janitor for your commercial space. Let’s take a look at exactly how our janitors can help you this spring!

  1. Reputation Management: Our professional cleaners understand that in order to successfully do business you need to make sure that your commercial space looks good! Rather than allowing dirt to accumulate or scaring away customers with dust bunnies and spider webs, allow a professional cleaner to spruce up your space!
  2. Employee Health: Hiring a janitor to regularly clean your commercial space will improve your indoor air quality and will help to keep employees healthy. If you are tired of employees sneezing and sniffling or fear your business has slowed down due to workers taking sick days, it’s time to invest in a high-quality janitor to help clean up your office. Your employees will thank you!
  3. Workplace Efficiency: Business runs more smoothly when the office is cleaned. Make certain that employees aren’t slowed down while maneuvering around cluttered desks, tiptoeing around overflowing garbage cans, or cleaning up messy kitchenettes. Hiring a quality janitor will ensure that employees can focus on their own work rather than cleaning up around the office!

Hiring a janitor for your commercial office space in Cedar Rapids, IA, will make certain your commercial business keeps running smoothly. Our professional janitors understand all the reasons why you might need a fresh cleaning!

For all of your janitorial needs in the Madison, Appleton, Milwaukee, Green Bay, La Crosse, Winona, Iowa City, and Cedar Rapids areas, give our professional cleaners a call today!

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Disposing of Infectious Waste in Healthcare Facilities in Winona, MN

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Cleaning around healthcare facilities is a serious business in Winona, MN! Although it’s important to know how to perform routine cleaning with vacuums and disinfectant, it’s equally important to understand how to clean up bigger contaminants such as blood, saliva, or other infectious waste.

Here’s a quick review of what to do in order to properly remove infectious waste from your healthcare facility.

Protective Gear:

Handling infectious waste in healthcare facilitiesshould be taken seriously and should only take place after a thorough training. As part of this training, cleaners will learn that they should always wear protective gear such as gloves and a plastic apron. Make sure that cleaners don’t make skin-to-skin contact with infectious waste!


Next, attempt to absorb as much of the spill as possible. Typically, disposable materials, such as paper towels, work best for this step. Keep an eye out for any broken glass or other materials mixed in with the contaminants, and make sure to handle these materials properly, too!


Clean up the spill with hot water and disinfectant. This mixture should be left alone to dry. If the spill is smaller in size, such as a single drop of blood, using a disinfecting wipe, then use a microfiber and disinfectant around the area.


Remove your gloves safely and carefully and dispose of them within a general waste deposit with any other paper towels, wipes, or other materials used. Next, make sure to thoroughly wash your hands with hot water and soap!

Found Spills:

If you find a spill, needle, or an unattended container full of infectious waste, immediately alert a fellow staff member. One person should remain with the spill or container, while the other goes to get the necessary cleaning supplies.

Feeling uncertain about the necessary steps to take while cleaning your healthcare facility in Winona, MN? The folks at ServiceMaster Building Maintenance understand exactly what to do!

For all of your cleaning needs in healthcare facilities across the Madison, Appleton, Milwaukee, Green Bay, La Crosse, Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, and Winona areas, give our professional cleaners a call today!







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Time to Green Clean Your La Crosse, WI, Business

March 30th, 2018 · No Comments

April is here in La Crosse, WI, which means it’s time to get your commercial space truly clean! After a winter of slush, snow, rain, and ice, it’s time to welcome the sunshine through cleanly scrubbed windows.

When it comes to your cleaning process, however, have you considered which types of products to use? For the ultimate clean this spring, it’s time to think green clean! Let’s take a look at how to get your office truly green cleaned this month:

Window Cleaning: Rather than applying ammonia-based cleaners on all of the windows around your commercial space, consider a more natural approach. Water and lemon juice create an excellent cleaner for these types of surfaces and will allow the sunshine to flow freely!

Furniture Polish: Do you have furniture in your office that needs polishing, such as conference room tables or chairs? Most furniture polish is notoriously unhealthy and full of chemicals and can be replaced by more natural, green cleaning products. Combine olive oil and lemon juice to create a natural polish which cleans well and smells lovely!

General Cleaners: When in doubt, there are four products that make for wonderful, natural cleaning products! Use vinegar, salt, baking soda, and lemon juice around many areas of your commercial area to keep both green clean and natural. These work in multiple areas of your commercial space including cubicles, restrooms, waiting areas, and foyers. Give them a try today!

If you feel uncertain about applying your own green cleaning methods in La Crosse, WI, contact ServiceMaster Building Maintenance to get the job done correctly, thoroughly, and efficiently. We understand what it takes to truly green clean and will ensure your commercial space is ready for spring.

For all of your green cleaning needs in La Crosse, Madison, Appleton, Milwaukee, and Green Bay, WI, Winona, MN, and Cedar Rapids or Iowa City, IA, give our professional cleaners a call today!

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Find Luck and Health With Green Cleaning in Milwaukee, WI

March 19th, 2018 · No Comments

Green isn’t just the color of luck this March in Milwaukee, WI. Green can also mean clean! Although you may have gotten comfortable using traditional cleaning products around your commercial space, did you know there are many valuable reasons to opt for green cleaning services instead?

Rather than testing your luck with subpar products or traditional but dangerous cleaners, let’s take a look at the advantages of opting for green cleaning:

Keep Healthy: Green cleaning solutions decrease your risk of allergic reactions or the common cold because they improve your indoor air quality. Especially this time of year, when opening windows is less than ideal, make sure to keep the air as fresh and clean as the rest of your office!

Know Ingredients: When you’re looking to eat healthy, you read the ingredients on food labels. So, if you’re looking to keep your office healthy, why not read the labels on your cleaning products? Many traditional cleaners contain harmful chemicals, whereas green cleaners use more natural, healthy ingredients!

 Avoid Side Effects: Antibacterial products, like hand sanitizers or soaps, contain a number of harmful chemicals that can cause long-term, negative side effects. Although you may believe that cleaning products improve the health of your office, the FDA has found that harmful, chemical-based products negatively impact human hormone levels. Consider opting for a green cleaning service instead!

Keep your commercial office space lucky and clean this year in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area. Rather than purchasing a subpar, unhealthy cleaning service, why not try a more natural approach?

If you work in Madison, Green Bay, Appleton, Milwaukee, La Crosse, Winona, Cedar Rapids, or Iowa City, a green cleaning service will bring both luck and health to your commercial space. Give the folks at ServiceMaster Building Maintenance a call today!

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Dentist and Chiropractic Healthcare Cleaning in Green Bay, WI

March 7th, 2018 · No Comments

When it comes to cleaning dental or chiropractic healthcare offices in Green Bay, WI, it’s important to ensure the job is done right, especially in areas your patients physically contact. Whether a table or a chair, it’s important to get these areas correctly disinfected before the next patient strolls into your office!

Looking for a few techniques to make sure your chiropractic table or dental chair is correctly cleaned? Let’s take a look!

Understand Cleaning: Before you begin the cleaning process, take a moment to evaluate what kinds of treatment your table or chair might need. Are your visitors often sick with infections or colds? Does their skin typically make contact with the chair or table? How often do patients place their head on your table or chair? Additionally, consider the type of fabric or material used for your table or chair.

Disinfecting Solution: Make sure that the cleaning solution you use is effective. Before purchasing products, consider how patients interact with your table or chair. For example, if bacteria may have been introduced to your chair or table, certain types of alcohol-based cleaners may not be as effective as chlorine-based solutions. Additionally, purchase a disinfecting solution that is EPA registered at either a low or intermediate level, without being a high-level solution.

Consider Safety: Before using your cleaning solution, understand what kinds of precautionary measures will be necessary throughout the cleaning process. Invest in a pair of quality rubber gloves as well as ventilation and face coverings. As you invest in patient safety, make sure to remember staff safety as well!

Safely and effectively cleaning your dental or chiropractic office in Green Bay, WI, comes with a lot of responsibility. If you feel uncertain about your cleaning practice, or wish to contact a professional, the folks at ServiceMaster Building Maintenance know what to do.

Give us a call today for any of your chiropractic or dentistry healthcare cleaning needs in the Madison, Appleton, Green Bay, Milwaukee, La Crosse, Winona, Cedar Rapids, or Iowa City area today!

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Don’t Leave Window Cleaning Off of Your List for Spring Cleaning in Madison, WI

March 2nd, 2018 · No Comments

Spring is just around the corner, which means it’s time to clean up your commercial space in Madison, WI! Although there are many spots to touch up around the office, have you considered how to properly scrub your windows?

There are a number of different approaches to cleaning windows in commercial spaces, but some work better than others. Let’s take a look!

Distilled Water: Using hard tap water is more likely to leave nasty spots on your windowpanes once they dry because hard water contains a higher level of minerals. For your window cleaning, make sure to use properly distilled water.

Vinegar: Mixing water with vinegar is an inexpensive but effective way to get those windows spotless! Just make sure to be conscious of the smell or just add some essential oils to the mixture to make it less potent for office staff.

Cloths: Using cloths instead of paper towels will keep your windows cleaner, reduce the likelihood of streaking, and limit the amount of lint deposited on the panes. Instead, opt for a quality microfiber cloth to keep your windows clean.

Suds: If you need to use soap to remove dirt from your commercial windows, don’t overdo it! Higher volumes of soap will mean higher amounts of suds, which leave freshly cleaned windows spotty and full of residue.

Tending to windows in your commercial spaces is an important part of spring cleaning in Madison, WI. Make sure that the job is done right! Rather than tending to the glass yourself or guessing which products to use, try contacting a professional cleaner.

For all of your commercial window cleaning needs in the Madison, Appleton, Milwaukee, Green Bay, La Crosse, Winona, Cedar Rapids, and Iowa City areas, give the professional cleaners at ServiceMaster Building Maintenance a call today!

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Which Janitorial Cleaning Schedule is Best for Your Appleton, WI, Business?

February 21st, 2018 · No Comments

Messes tend to pile up in Appleton, WI, especially in shared commercial spaces! If you’ve noticed that your office space looks a little cluttered as of late and want to make certain your team is always ready for business, it may be time to schedule janitorial cleaning services!

Janitors provide a number of valuable services to businesses on a number of different timelines, which means every area of your commercial space is cleaned regularly. Here are just a few cleaning schedules janitors might follow while tending to your office:

Daily Cleaning: Depending on the needs of your office, janitors may daily spot clean, vacuum, and wipe down commercial surfaces. Additionally, janitors will clean up clutter such as crumpled paper and wrappers, just in time to make sure your space is ready for the next day’s work!

Weekly Cleaning: Janitors uphold busy weekly schedules as well! On a weekly cleaning basis, janitors may dust all the surfaces around your space, empty trash cans and recycling bins, and mop any hard flooring. These practices will keep your space spotless throughout the week!

Other Cleaning: On a monthly basis, janitors may focus on cleaning windows or polishing surfaces around the office. Semi-annually, janitors typically provide carpet cleaning services and other specialty requests around the office.

Janitors work with specific offices to ensure they are providing exactly the right types of services at exactly the right times for your business in Appleton, WI! Rather than allowing the clutter to accumulate around your space, get rid of dingy carpets and banish germy bathrooms! Take the time to call in a professional janitor as soon as possible.

Contact the folks at ServiceMaster Building Maintenance for all your janitorial cleaning needs in the Madison, Green Bay, Milwaukee, La Crosse, Winona, Cedar Rapids, and Iowa City areas today!

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Healthcare Clinic Cleaning in the Iowa City, Iowa Area

February 14th, 2018 · No Comments

If you work in a medical clinic in Iowa City, IA, it’s important to keep patients and employees safe from germs and bacteria. Although the professional cleaners at ServiceMaster Building Maintenance are here to assist with intensive healthcare clinic cleaning, there are smaller ways that you can keep your clinic clean throughout the day!

Ready to examine different ways to keep your clinic clean throughout the week? Let’s take a look!

Standard Practices: Make certain that all clinic employees are following standard practices for disposal of biohazardous waste, medical equipment, or needles. Additionally, ensure all staff members understand and practice clinic disinfectant procedures, such as using specialty cleaners or containers.

Wash Hands: Hands carry a lot of germs throughout the day! Make certain employees have areas in which to regularly wash their hands, ideally with warm water and soap. Also, provide enough gloves for clinic employees to change pairs between patients. Once all of these items are provided, make sure all staff members use them!

Avoid Clutter: Cluttered spaces can quickly become unclean, unsanitary spaces. Rather than collecting clutter on desks, public spaces, or offices, encourage staff members to regularly clean up their personal spaces. This includes staff break rooms or kitchen areas, and all food products should be labeled, dated, and regularly removed.

Immediacy: Clean up all spills, splatters, or accidents immediately. All staff members should know where to find basic cleaning solutions for situations such as these and instructed to take care of spills immediately.

When it comes to deep cleaning healthcare clinics in the Iowa City, IA, the folks at ServiceMaster Building Maintenance have you covered. For those moments professional cleaners are unavailable, training staff members in basic healthcare practices is extremely helpful in keeping patients safe.

For all of your healthcare clinic cleaning needs, or if you have questions about our healthcare clinic cleaning services in Appleton, Green Bay, La Crosse, Madison, or Milwaukee, WI, Winona, MN, or Cedar Rapids and Iowa City, IA, give us a call today!

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Get Superior Results With Upholstery Cleaning for Your La Crosse, WI, Office by ServiceMaster Building Maintenance

February 6th, 2018 · No Comments

You’ve spent a lot of money and taken care when choosing the furniture for your La Crosse, WI, office. It doesn’t just look good for potential clients, but is functional for your employees. However, even the most durable pieces are susceptible to ware and tear. With professional upholstery cleaning from ServiceMaster Building Maintenance, you can keep your office furniture looking pristine and prolong its lifespan.

Let us help you clean, restore, and breathe new life into your furniture. Our deep cleaning removal system extracts dirt, debris, and loosens oils that may have accumulated on the fibers of your furniture. We use commercial grade equipment that safely applies the right amount of cleaner and uses the correct amount of water extraction. Unlike rental cleaners you might find at grocery stores, our equipment is meticulously maintained, so it does the job right the first time. Many inferior upholstery cleaning systems leave cleaning solutions behind as they don’t have a high-grade extraction system. This means that, within a matter of weeks, you’ll find that your upholstery looks just as bad or even worse than when you had it cleaned.

Along with our superior equipment comes our superior service. Our trained technicians can identify stains and spills and apply pre-treatments that’ll help lift dirt and oils from the fibers of your soft furnishings, so you won’t even know they were there. Our technicians have been trained in upholstery cleaning and can answer any questions you have about the process and the restoral methods used to get your office furniture looking great.

Regularly scheduled upholstery cleaning for your office furniture will keep it looking great and reflect well on your office’s overall appearance. Not only will your employees appreciate it, but prospective and current clients will take notice of your office’s clean, professional appearance.

Don’t waste time with ineffective rental cleaners. Trust the experts at ServiceMaster Building Maintenance to give your office furniture the expert clean it deserves. We service all of La Crosse, WI, and are here to make your upholstery look great! Contact us today at (608) 783-6161.

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Take Care of Your Parking Garage This Winter With Commercial Cleaning in Cedar Rapids, IA

January 17th, 2018 · No Comments

When it comes to cleaning your commercial space in Cedar Rapids, IA, there are a lot of different areas to think about. Kitchens get messy, bathrooms get smelly, and surfaces get untidy! In the midst of getting your office clean, though, have you considered what’s going on outside?

Commercial parking garages need a little extra care, especially this time of year. As snow falls, slush piles, and salt gathers, make certain you know exactly how to keep this area of your commercial business just as clean and ready for business as the others.

Flush Drainpipes: At least twice a year, take the time to clean out the drains in your parking garage. Cleanouts such as these remove salt water and sediment, as well as any excess water, and ensure that your system is working correctly.

 Inspect Often: Keep an eye on your parking garage. Regularly walk through and check for cracks, breaks, holes, or other damage, especially to the floor. Damage to the sealant or concrete itself makes a huge difference! By keeping a regular eye on the parking garage, you’ll know which areas need the most care.

Limit Salting: Although salt may melt away ice and slush, it can also damage the floor of your parking garage. Rather than taking the risk, try using other techniques, such as sand, to keep away the freeze!

Contact Professionals: Professional cleaners understand exactly how to keep your parking garage clean all year long. Rather than trying to tend to it by yourself, why not consult the professionals?

At ServiceMaster Building Maintenance, we know how to keep your Cedar Rapids, IA, parking garages clean and safe. For your commercial parking garage cleaning needs in the Madison, Appleton, Milwaukee, Green Bay, La Crosse, Winona, Cedar Rapids, and Iowa City areas, give our professionals a call today!

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