Final Window Cleaning Before Fall in the Winona, Minnesota Area

September 15th, 2017 · No Comments

Commercial window cleaning is a big undertaking in Winona, MN, especially when you’re trying to squeeze a final scrub in before fall fully arrives. With October arriving, it’s important to make certain you know what to do.

Looking for a few techniques to start off the commercial window cleaning process to make sure your windows sparkle throughout the fall? Let’s take a look!

  1. Start With Supplies: Gather any and all supplies that you might need throughout this process. You’ll typically need window cleaner or dish soap, a bucket, tepid water, a squeegee, and soft washcloth. Additionally, make sure to have a properly functioning ladder or lift, and make sure you share this task with one other person.
  1. Stay Within Reach: Start out your cleaning process with windows or glass that is within reach. Typically, these will be basement level windows or windows on the first floor of your commercial space. Remove screens from these windows, making sure to thoroughly spray them with the solution before you begin.
  1. Time to Squeegee: After thoroughly cleaning these windows, squeegee any excess water off of them in order to avoid streaking or inconsistent drying. This will ensure that your windows start off looking clean and stay that way all through fall!
  1. Move on Up: Gradually move to upper-level floors once the lower level is cleaned. Again, make sure your ladders or lifts work properly and that you’re performing this process with at least one other person nearby to help spot you!

Commercial window cleaning can be an extreme undertaking in Winona MN, especially with erratic weather patterns. Rather than risking it for that final cleaning of the fall, why not hire a high-quality professional cleaner to help out?

The professionals at ServiceMaster Building Maintenance are here for your commercial window cleaning needs. If you live in the Madison, Appleton, Green Bay, La Crosse, Winona, Cedar Rapids, or Iowa City area, give us a call today!

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Great Green Cleaning Technique in Milwaukee, WI

September 13th, 2017 · No Comments

When it comes to cleaning their homes in Milwaukee, WI, many folks are now selecting environmentally friendly green cleaning options. There are a number of ways to ensure your home cleaning techniques align with environmentally positive practices, including things you can do yourself.

Looking to start cleaning your home with green methods? Let’s take a look at a few ways to help you get started:

  • Window Cleaning: Rather than purchasing glass cleaner at the store, try substituting a simple mixture of lemon juice and water. Additionally, when wiping windows clean, opt for a lint-free rag such as an old, cut-up t-shirt. This type of cleaning solution and drying rag will get your windows green cleaned while saving trees and money on paper towels
  • Furniture Cleaning: There are a number of store-bought cleaners that are harmful to the environment, many of which have alternate, less harmful substitutes. One of the worst offenders when it comes to furniture is polish. For less money and harm to your indoor air quality, these stinky, poisonous polishes can often be replaced with a green cleaning mixture of olive oil and lemon juice
  • Floor Cleaning: Why spend money on expensive store-bought floor cleaning products when all you need is some lemon juice? For removing spots from vinyl and tile floors, rubbing with a rag dipped in pure lemon juice can do the trick

Green cleaning is an environmentally friendly option in the Milwaukee, WI area. Although these are great alternatives to get your home clean, if you’re unsure how to mix these environmentally friendly cleaners or feel the task is above your doing, there are professionals available to do the job for you.

The trained technicians at ServiceMaster Building Maintenance know exactly how to get your home green cleaned. If you live in Milwaukee, Madison, La Crosse, Appleton, or Green Bay, WI, Winona, MN, or Cedar Rapids or Iowa City, IA, give us a call for your green cleaning needs today!


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Safe Commercial Carpet Care in La Crosse, WI

September 11th, 2017 · No Comments

When it comes to commercial carpet care in La Crosse, WI, it’s important to make sure the job gets done right. Coming into the fall season, between mud and rainfall, there are a number of different types of damage that can harm your office carpet and its overall quality.

Unfortunately, an improper cleaning can cause just as much damage, if not more, as wet and messy outdoor weather events. Here are just a few common causes of commercial carpet damage that can be produced by an unprofessional cleaning:

  • Brown Tips: After improper carpet care, brown or dirty tips area fairly common. Brown tips are caused by cheap cleaners with high pH levels, and usually indicate that carpets were improperly cleaned the first time. Rather than pay to have the carpet cleaned twice, invest in a thorough, professional clean the first time
  • Shrinkage: When a carpet becomes overly wet due to improper cleaning methods and inadequate equipment, the carpet oftentimes shrinks. Rather than risking a subpar clean followed by costly shrinking, entrust your carpet cleaning to the experts at ServiceMaster Building Maintenance. We use the proper methods and equipment to ensure moisture and cleaning solutions are thoroughly extracted
  • Re-Soiling: Re-soiling occurs after a carpet has been improperly cleaned. If the incorrect products are used, they can actually attract dirt particles to the carpet. Trust true professionals to know which carpet cleaners will actually clean and sanitize your commercial space and keep it that way for a long time

With autumn just around the corner in La Crosse, WI, don’t waste your money on an improper carpet cleaning. The professionals at ServiceMaster know how to properly take care of your commercial business’s carpets and keep them clean.

For additional information on correct commercial carpet care in La Crosse, Madison, Appleton, Milwaukee, and Green Bay, WI, Winona, MN, and Cedar Rapids or Iowa City, IA, contact the carpet care professionals at ServiceMaster Building Maintenance today!

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4 Ways to Keep Up Your Commercial Carpets in Green Bay, WI

August 18th, 2017 · No Comments

Commercial carpet cleaning is an important practice in Green Bay, WI, especially in the midst of the summer months. With allergens in the air as well as dust, dander, and dirt, it’s important to start thinking about how to get those carpets clean of pesky irritants before autumn arrives.

Before you dive into your commercial carpet cleaning, there are a few valuable points and factoids to consider. Here are a few facts to know before starting the commercial carpet cleaning process:

  1. Vacuum Often: In order to be successfully maintained and have a long life, commercial carpets should be vacuumed just about every day. Although this may seem like an extreme schedule, it’s the best way to fight back against the dirt and other filth accumulating in highly trafficked carpet fibers!
  2. Stay Up to Date: Invest in high quality vacuum cleaners and cleaning supplies. The more up-to-date cleaning products are manufactured specifically to keep commercial areas safe and clean, while making the cleaning process simpler for professional cleaners. Additionally, newer materials are less likely to carry old germs or dirt.
  3. Keep Products Handy: Make sure to keep spot cleaning materials nearby so employees can touch up their personal spaces. Although it’s not practical to expect employees to do the heavy lifting when it comes to commercial cleaning, keeping a few disposable cleaning wipes or bottles of carpet cleaner around will allow them to tackle stains as soon as they happen.
  4. Check Materials: Especially if you’re opting for green cleaning products! Make certain you know which types of products are making contact with your carpet. Even if they’re certified “green,” they may contain materials that would damage specific types of carpets.

Cleaning commercial carpets is an important task in Green Bay, WI, as well as Madison, Appleton, Milwaukee, and La Crosse, WI, Cedar Rapids and Iowa City, IA, and Winona, MN. Make sure it’s done right every single time! Contact our professional cleaners at ServiceMaster Building Maintenance today!

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Clean Up Commercial Businesses in the Madison, Wisconsin Area

August 10th, 2017 · No Comments

Between company potlucks in the break room and muddy footsteps in the foyer, dust gathering on forgotten bookshelves, and paper towels littered in the bathroom, there are a lot of different ways in which your commercial business gets messy during the summertime in Madison, WI.

Instead of dealing with the clutter by yourself, make sure a high-quality professional is available to get those business areas clean! Our cleaners know exactly how to get your commercial business spotless, starting with just a few valuable services specific to your office, including:

  • Kitchen Cleaning: If your commercial business has a kitchen area, or even just a vending area, our professionals are trained to keep it clean. Rather than scrubbing Marge’s broccoli and cheese casserole out of the microwave alone, why not let our professionals take care of the dirty work?
  • Carpet and Floor Cleaning: Using high-quality floor cleaners, carpet products, and vacuums, our professionals know exactly how to get out tricky stains and spots. They’ll make sure that your commercial business looks great, from the bottom to the top!
  • Window Cleaning: Although scrubbing a single pane of glass might seem like a simple task, it becomes more troublesome when you consider scrubbing the other side of the glass, as well as the curtains and the blinds. A professional will take the time to dust and scrub down each of these areas individually and leave your office looking great inside and out.
  • Table and Desk Cleaning: Lunch tables and office desks gather a lot of bacteria throughout the workday, which means it’s important to make sure they are regularly cleaned. Our professionals will take care of your work surfaces and make sure they’re ready when your business opens for the day!

Keeping your commercial business clean is valuable for personal and office health in Madison, WI. Make sure it’s done right! If you live and work in the Madison, Appleton, Milwaukee, Green Bay, La Crosse, Winona, Cedar Rapids, and Iowa City areas, give our professional cleaners a call today!

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Hire High Quality Janitors in the Appleton, Wisconsin Area

July 27th, 2017 · No Comments

When it comes to janitorial cleaning in the Appleton, Wisconsin area, it’s important to get the job done right. Rather than allowing dust and dirt to gather in your commercial office spaces, take the time to find someone with the perfect skillset to get your building looking fresh and clean!

There are a number of different qualities to look for in a janitor, including:

  • Time Management Skills: A high-quality janitor knows exactly how to manage their time effectively, from arriving to work on time to scheduling cleaning time around your office space. When you look for a professional for your workspace, invest in a janitor that values efficiency
  • Safety Consciousness: The best janitors know the proper safety regulations, restrictions, and guidelines to follow when cleaning your commercial space. When looking to hire a cleaning professional, double-check that they’re up-to-date on the proper certifications and guidelines for safe cleaning
  • Successful Organization: High quality janitors know how to keep their workspaces organized, whether janitorial closets or carts. By keeping every item in it’s proper place, these professionals always know where to reach for the proper cleaning product
  • Special Attention: Certain messes require certain types of attention, and the best janitors know how to handle any type of clutter! Routine bathroom messes require different tactics than post-retirement party kitchen messes, and professional cleaners know how to give special attention to each area

Hiring a skillful, professional janitor in the Appleton, Wisconsin area means the difference between an office that’s cluttered and one that’s ready to get to work! Rather than risking it on a janitor you don’t trust or doesn’t hold the values listed above, why not contact a true professional?

At ServiceMaster Building Maintenance, our janitorial cleaners know how to manage their time, practice safety, organize successfully, and give special attention to areas that need it most. To obtain the best in janitorial services in Appleton, La Crosse, Green Bay, Madison, or Milwaukee, WI, Winona, MN, or Iowa City and City Rapids, IA, give us a call today and get your commercial space spotless!

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Clean Your Commercial Windows in the Iowa City, Iowa Area

July 25th, 2017 · No Comments

Have you noticed that your commercial windows are looking a bit dirty, streaked, and stained in the Iowa City, Iowa area? That means it’s time to do a little cleaning! If your office has a lot of windows which need cleaning, both inside and outside the building, it can be a somewhat daunting task.

Fortunately, we’ve got a few ideas to help you start the window cleaning process. Let’s take a look:

  • Start Small: Use a squeegee or sponge that’s easy to control. Smaller sponges generally get the job done without leaving a lot of excess water behind. There  are also window cleaning tools that are more user-friendly than some of the larger, longer types
  • Keep Hydrated: Although your focus might be on the windows you’re washing, make sure to take time for yourself throughout the process! Scrubbing windows, especially during the heat of summertime, can leave you dehydrated. Make sure to keep a water bottle handy
  • Remove Water: Take the time to allow water to run off the edge of your squeegee rather than quickly removing it with a sponge or washcloth. This will keep water from splattering on freshly cleaned windows
  • Minimize Soap: Using too much soap can be a disaster during your window cleaning! With soap, less is usually more. Otherwise your windows will develop a fine film on the interior and exterior and keep them from looking freshly cleaned

If you’re feeling a little unsure about washing commercial or office windows by yourself in the Iowa City area, there are professionals here to help out! The folks at ServiceMaster Building Maintenance know exactly what to do and which services will work best for your specific windows.

Ready to get those windows spotless and sparkling clean in the Iowa City and Cedar Rapids, IA areas, or Appleton, Green Bay, La Crosse, Madison, and Milwaukee, WI and Winona, MN? Give our professional cleaners a call today!

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Clean and Safe Commercial Floors in the La Crosse, Wisconsin Area

July 18th, 2017 · No Comments

Keeping commercial floors clean in the La Crosse, Wisconsin area also means keeping commercial floors safe! Though the job of cleaning floors often goes overlooked, it’s an important role and requires a lot more than just sweeping and occasional vacuuming.

That’s why hiring a professional to safely clean your carpeting, hardwood, or tiled floor is such an important job. There are a number of negative consequences for keeping an unsanitary or cluttered commercial floor, including:

  • Food Sanitation Issues: Especially if your commercial space sells, prepares, cleans, or distributes food and drinks, it’s incredibly important to ensure that your company keeps the floors clean and sanitized. Food sanitation regulations are the difference between keeping these kinds of businesses open or closed, so make sure to keep those commercial floors scrubbed and sparkling
  • Floor Safety Issues: Cluttered flooring can result in danger for customers, visitors, and staff members alike. If your office flooring accumulates bits of trash, or if your cleaners use improper cleaning materials and signage, anyone walking through your business may be at risk
  • Customer Loss Issues: Although the floor is underfoot, customers take notice of how it looks. Floors, like most areas of a commercial space, reflect the culture and value of a commercial space. Rather than showing customers cluttered or stained floors, take the time to invest in a high quality cleaner

In the La Crosse, WI area, it’s important to ensure your commercial floors are clean and safe. Although you may be able to notice floor safety issues, who’s going to help you take care of these concerns?

That’s where the professionals at ServiceMaster Building Maintenance come in. Give our professional floor cleaners a call today! We’re ready to ensure that your floors are safe, clean, and welcoming to whoever strolls through the front door of your business in Appleton, La Crosse, Madison, Milwaukee, and Green Bay, WI, Winona, MN, or Iowa City and Cedar Rapids, IA!

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Specialty Medical Facility Cleaning in the Cedar Rapids, Iowa Area

July 10th, 2017 · No Comments

There are a lot of medical clinics and centers that require special cleaning to keep patients safe in the Cedar Rapids, Iowa area. Although each area has its own specific needs, regulations, and messes, the professionals at ServiceMaster Building Maintenance know exactly how to get your medical facilities clean!

Ready to see exactly what ServiceMaster can do for you this summer? Let’s take a look at the different types of medical facilities they can prep for patients!

Medical Clinic Cleaning: Between disposing medical waste and scrubbing bacteria out of waiting rooms, getting medical clinics really clean takes a special touch! Rather than risking the health and wellness of patients visiting the clinic, take the time to hire a professional cleaner.

Nursing Home Cleaning: In these types of facilities, it’s especially important to keep residents safe. Aging residents often have weaker immune systems, which makes them more vulnerable to bacteria and infection. This type of cleaning requires professional attention to detail.

Operating Room Cleaning: A lot goes on in an operating room, so it’s important to make sure disinfecting and sanitizing techniques follow all the correct medical regulations. ServiceMaster Building Maintenance’s professional cleaners know exactly how to take care of this type of medical facility cleaning!

Dialysis Center Cleaning: For specific types of medical facilities supporting vulnerable patients, many of whom are ill, it’s important to successfully get every area of the center clean in order to support patient health.

If you have a specialty medical facility that needs specialty cleaning in the Cedar Rapids, Iowa area, the professionals at ServiceMaster Building Maintenance are here to help. It’s our goal to help keep you and your patients safe and healthy!

For all your medical facility cleaning needs in the Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, Winona, Madison, Appleton, Green Bay, La Crosse, and Milwaukee areas, give us a call today!

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Get Parking Lots and Garages Clean in the Winona, Minnesota Area

July 3rd, 2017 · No Comments

Summer has arrived in the Winona, Minnesota area, which means the weather’s perfect for tackling a few projects. At home, that might mean cleaning the rain gutters, clearing out the backyard, or sweeping the patio. At work it might mean a thorough, quality parking lot or garage cleaning!

Cleaning out a commercial parking garage or parking lot is not a simple task, but it keeps employees safe and clients impressed. Let’s take a look at how to get started:

  • Take it from the Top: If you’re working with a garage, make sure to sweep and scrub areas that are high up first and foremost. That way, if dirt or dust spills onto the floor, you can just worry about cleaning that up later on
  • Check Lights: Whether in a garage or a lot, make sure all your light fixtures are working correctly. That will keep clients, visitors, and employees safe when walking to and from their cars, and ensures everyone knows where to find your business, no matter the time of day
  • Sweep: Use a long broom to remove tree debris, litter, or other items from your parking lot’s surface. This will keep the lot or garage clean and ensure you can safely drive your car in and out without the fear of running something over
  • Rinse it Off: Summer is the perfect time to thoroughly wash the surface of a commercial lot or garage floor and give it a good scrubbing. Once you’ve finished removing excess dirt and dust, allow the surface to air dry

There are a lot of different ways to keep your commercial lot or garage clean in the Winona, MN area. Rather than worrying about doing the job yourself, why not hire someone with a professional touch?

The folks at ServiceMaster Building Maintenance are here to help with all your commercial cleaning needs, even garage or lot cleaning. To get your parking lot or garage looking slick and clean in Appleton, Green Bay, La Crosse, Madison, or Milwaukee, WI, Cedar Rapids or Iowa City, IA, or Winona, MN, give us a call today!

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