Kitchen Etiquette & Commercial Cleaning in Madison Offices

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If you have already enlisted the professional and efficient commercial cleaning and janitorial services offered by ServiceMaster Building Maintenance, you and your employees, vendors, and customers are enjoying clean, well-maintained business facilities. In addition to clean, well-stocked restrooms, gleaming floors, freshly vacuumed carpets, empty wastebaskets, and more, your employees likely appreciate that you have the office kitchen and break rooms regularly and professionally cleaned by our team members.

To help you and your employees keep the kitchen facilities well-kept between visits from our cleaning staff, remind them to follow these simple rules of kitchen etiquette:

  • Clean up after yourself. If you spill something on the counter, floor or table top, wipe it up.
  • Monitor your stored food in the refrigerator and throw it away before it goes bad if you don’t eat it. In some offices, one employee is designated to throw out all uneaten food every Friday. This system can help keep moldy food and smells at bay.
  • Respect the limited refrigerator space that’s available. Don’t stash a week’s worth of soda cans or water bottles in the refrigerator every Monday morning. Instead, put one or two cans or bottles in each day.
  • Cover your food with a paper towel or lid before putting it in the microwave to heat. If your food splatters, wipe it up immediately.
  • Put your dirty dishes or coffee mug in the dishwasher or hand wash, dry, and put them away after each use.
  • Set a schedule for divvying up kitchen duties, such as loading and unloading the dishwasher. By taking turns, nobody will feel taken advantage of.

By combining these kitchen etiquette tips with regular commercial cleaning or janitorial services from ServiceMaster Building Maintenance, the kitchen and break rooms in your office will be clean, healthy, and relaxing for everyone!

If you haven’t yet used the services of ServiceMaster Building Master to clean and maintain your Madison area office, clinic or business facility, give us a call today. We’ll work with you to set up a cleaning protocol that meets your needs, schedule, and budget. After all, when your surroundings are properly maintained and regularly cleaned, your employees can more fully concentrate on the jobs you’ve hired them to do.

For more information about high-quality commercial cleaning and janitorial services for your office, clinic or other business facility, give us a call today. In Wisconsin, ServiceMaster Building Maintenance serves the communities of Madison, Appleton, Milwaukee, Green Bay and La Crosse. In Minnesota, we serve Winona, and in Iowa, we cover the Cedar Rapids and Iowa City communities.

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