Effective Skill Sets for Janitorial Professionals in Madison, WI

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Along with interpersonal qualities, janitorial professionals should be equipped with a specific skill set to make your office function most efficiently in Madison, WI. Rather than hiring through a company that may or may not require janitors to have this skill set or properly train janitorial professionals, call the folks at ServiceMaster Building Maintenance.


We will help you hire the best janitorial cleaner, who is trained to successfully bring the following practical skills into your office space:



Though most folks associate janitorial professionals with mops, brooms, and cleaners, professional cleaners must also practice some administrative tasks. For example, janitors must organize a cleaning schedule along with tracking hours and ordering cleaning products specific to your commercial space. A regular cleaning and ordering schedule guarantees that your office is stocked, sanitized, and cleaned efficiently every time!



Of course, the best janitorial professionals also understand the best cleaning techniques for your space and the importance of attention to detail! Our professionals understand the value of working intentionally, making sure to use chemical products safely and sanitizing your office until it shimmers. Janitorial cleaning will make your commercial space welcoming to staff members and customers alike!


Light Maintenance:

Janitorial professionals go the extra mile to keep your building running smoothly. Our professionals will change light bulbs as needed or pick up debris in the parking lot or around your building.


If you need a quality janitor for your commercial space in Madison, WI, our professional cleaners are here to help. We’ll work alongside your staff to make sure your office always looks its best, from freshly scrubbed floor to dusted ceiling.


For all of your office’s administrative, cleaning, and basic maintenance janitorial cleaning needs in the Madison, Milwaukee, Appleton, La Crosse, Green Bay, Winona, Cedar Rapids, or Iowa City areas, give our professionals at ServiceMaster Building Maintenance a call today!

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Fall Green Cleaning Techniques for Your Milwaukee, WI Office

August 31st, 2018 · No Comments

As the seasons change in Milwaukee, WI, so does your cleaning routine. Although certain techniques work best during the summer months, effective fall cleaning requires a specific checklist of tasks, especially if you’re interested in using green cleaning practices for your commercial business.

Here are just a few ways to adapt your cleaning process, and keep it green this fall:

Compost: Consider introducing composting to your office space. Rather than throwing away food scraps, yard waste, or other organic materials, tossing these items into a compost bin will keep your office staff from cluttering up local landfills. Additionally, once spring arrives, that compost can be used to help plants thrive around your commercial property!

Heating: Cold weather is just around the corner, which means it’s time to turn up the thermostat. Make sure that you’re getting the most from your HVAC system this September and consider having it looked over by a professional. Additionally, to keep your office green and clean, invest in both draft stoppers and a programmable thermostat. These will help keep your office toasty all season long!

Pre-Clean: Before winter arrives, make sure that you give your office space a thorough green clean. As leaves and snow begin to fall, folks tend to spend more time inside. A cleaning from ceiling to floor will remove bacteria and dust around the office and improve your office’s overall indoor air quality. Use organic, homemade, or less chemical-based cleaning products to best support office health!

Prepare your Milwaukee, WI office for a quality green clean. If you feel uncertain about implementing green cleaning within your commercial space, give the folks at ServiceMaster Building Maintenance a call. We know how to care for outdoor spaces green clean from top to bottom.

For all of your green cleaning techniques in the Madison, Appleton, Green Bay, La Crosse, Milwaukee, Winona, Cedar Rapids, or Iowa City area, give the professionals at ServiceMaster Building Maintenance a call today!

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Commercial Window Cleaning can be Tricky— Find Help in Green Bay, WI

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September is here in Green Bay, WI, which means warm, summer days are in shorter supply. As you prepare for fall, take a moment to check the windows of your commercial business. If they’ve spent the summer collecting dust, dirt, and other types of grime, September may be your last opportunity to get those especially dirty windows clean!

Ready to get started? Here’s how to make even the trickiest windows sparkle before fall:

  1. Tree and Insect Residue: If you have a window that’s covered in tree and insect residue, it may seem like a lost cause. These materials are sticky and often tough to remove! Fortunately, all you need is a fine, nylon scrub pad. Test out the nylon scrub pad in a small, unnoticeable area of the window, just to make sure it doesn’t damage the window surface!
  2. Grease Stains: Especially in kitchens or other areas where food is regularly prepared, grease tends to build up on glass surfaces. Remove these grease stains or streaks with a mixture of ammonia and water, which you carefully apply while wearing protective gloves!
  3. Paint and Labels: Does your commercial space still have adhesive labels attached to newer windows? Did your office’s latest renovation speckle your windows with paint? Remove these challenging blemishes with a mounted razor blade and rinse the blade with water between scrapings. This will keep you from trapping dirt or other tricky debris in the glass!

September may be your last chance to get your commercial office’s windows clean in the Green Bay, WI area. Take advantage of those final summery days and remove even the trickiest stains before cold weather arrives.

For all of your commercial window cleaning needs in Madison, Appleton, Milwaukee, Green Bay, or La Crosse, WI, Winona, MN, and Cedar Rapids or Iowa City, IA, give the professionals at ServiceMaster Building Maintenance a call today!

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Benefits of Janitorial Cleaning for Your Customers in Appleton, WI

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When it comes to janitorial cleaning in Appleton, WI, there are a number of reasons to hire a professional to keep your space clean. Professionals understand how to best clean commercial spaces and help keep staff members organized. Most importantly, though, janitors create clean spaces and positive business environments for potential customers.


Since the customer is always right, let’s take a peek at why a professionally cleaned commercial space matters to shoppers or clients!


Impressions: First impressions matter! Cluttered, unclean, or disorganized office spaces reflect negatively upon a business. Customers are more likely to visit and return to a business if it’s clean and organized. A professional janitorial cleaning will make sure your business is ready to make a positive first impression, no matter who walks through the front door!


Standards: Customers expect a certain standard of cleanliness in a commercial space, especially because most inspectors or landlords dictate what is appropriate for a business. If there are funky smells or stained floors, customers will notice. Fortunately, a quality janitor will keep your business up to standards!


Experience: Cleanliness usually goes unnoticed, but uncleanliness negatively impacts a customer’s overall experience within a commercial space. No matter how many beautiful light fixtures, windows, or carpets your business boasts, customers won’t be impressed unless you vacuum regularly. A professional janitor will take the time to keep every piece in your business dusted and clean!


Customers care about cleanliness in Appleton, WI! Rather than simply allowing mess to collect and customers to take their business elsewhere, take the time to make your commercial space business-ready. With the right professional janitorial cleaner, clients and customers will get the right first impression and keep coming back for more.


Give the professionals at ServiceMaster Building Maintenance a call for all of your janitorial cleaning needs in Madison, Appleton, La Crosse, Milwaukee, or Green Bay, WI, Winona, MN, and Cedar Rapids or Iowa City, IA today!

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Dialysis Center Healthcare Cleaning in Iowa City, IA

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When it comes to properly disinfecting and cleaning your dialysis center in Iowa City, IA, patient and staff member safety is always the priority. Proper healthcare cleaning techniques prevent infection or bacteria from spreading around the center, and aide in protecting the overall health of your office.

Since cleaning dialysis centers properly is such an important job, make sure to entrust your healthcare cleaning to professionals who understand exactly what to do, including:

Disposing Supplies: Although tempting to assign each patient a specific set of supplies, the CDC recommends routine disposal and replacement of frequently used medical supplies. Healthcare cleaning professionals know to dispose of these materials safely and efficiently, following all of the state’s safety guidelines.

Establishing Routines: Professional cleaners know to establish a consistent cleaning routine, which is followed each day. By making a checklist, circulating around the center, and ticking each item off the list in the same order each day, healthcare cleaners guarantee that your dialysis center is prepared for patients each day.

Understanding Products: Healthcare cleaning professonals know which products to use in every circumstance, depending on the depth of cleaning. Low level or intermediate cleaning requires different products than a deeper clean, and our professionals have been trained to understand the difference.

Rather than entrusting a subpar cleaning company with the health of your dialysis center, take the time to contact trained healthcare cleaners who truly care. For all of your dialysis center and healthcare cleaning needs in Iowa City, and in Madison, Green Bay, Appleton, Milwaukee, La Crosse, Winona, and Cedar Rapids, the folks at ServiceMaster Building Maintenance are here to help. Call us today.



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Qualities of an Excellent Janitor in La Crosse, WI

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When hiring a janitor to clean your commercial office space in La Crosse, WI, make sure to hire the best possible candidate. Janitors serve an important purpose around the office, keeping it clean and welcoming for both guests and staff members.

Rather than gambling on a subpar cleaning service, contact the professionals at ServiceMaster Building Maintenance instead. Our janitorial services staff members provide quality work ethic backed by a great reputation, including these valuable qualities:

Integrity: A quality janitor should tackle each task with integrity, whether polishing windows or scrubbing bathrooms until they shine. Our staff members know exactly how to get every part of the job done with integrity and will communicate with you to provide excellent janitorial services throughout the week.

Work Ethic: At ServiceMaster Building Maintenance, we know the value of your time and money. Our professional janitors work quickly and efficiently to get your office cleaned, top to bottom, inside and out. Thanks to years of experience and quality training for each employee, our janitors are prepared to work the moment they walk through your office door.

If you’re prepared to invest in the best janitorial services for your office in La Crosse, WI, give the folks at ServiceMaster Building Maintenance a call today. Along with integrity, teamwork, and work ethic, our janitors bring other positive skills to every job. We make sure your office always looks ready for business.

For your janitorial needs in the Madison, Appleton, Milwaukee, Green Bay, La Crosse, Winona, Cedar Rapids, or Iowa City areas, give us a call today!

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Go Green With Green Cleaning for Your Commercial Space in Cedar Rapids, IA

July 12th, 2018 · No Comments

Summer is the perfect time to go green in Cedar Rapids, IA! With the sun shining, trees blossoming, and the breeze blowing outside, this is the perfect time of year to start bringing green cleaning into your commercial space.


Here are a few quick and easy ways to get started around the office:


Replace Cleaners: Do you keep cleaners on hand for accidents or spills around your commercial space? Switch any chemical-based cleaner with something green and homemade, such as a mixture of vinegar, water, and essential oils. Homemade cleaners are both less expensive than traditional cleaners and better for the environment!


Swap Furniture: If there are office chairs, desks, or other items that have resided in your commercial space for a long time, get these replaced. Old furniture breaks down over time, which releases built-up bacteria and metabolites into your space. Incorporating a fresh remodel into your green cleaning will brighten up the space, while also keeping employees and customers healthier!


Avoid Quick Fixes: Take the time to make sure your office is thoroughly cleaned. Avoid quick-fix air fresheners to cover up odors, as these often negatively impact indoor air quality. Additionally, masking unusual smells may keep you from discovering the true source of the odor, such as mold growth. As part of your summer green cleaning, find the source of the odor instead!


Create Policies: In order to uphold a green-cleaning mindset around your commercial space, make sure all employees are on board. Create an office-wide policy that eliminates harmful chemical cleaners, educates employees about maintaining a healthy indoor environment, and encourages safe cleaning techniques.


To assist with these commercial green-cleaning techniques in Cedar Rapids, IA, make sure that you have additional support from a professional company. Give the professionals at ServiceMaster Building Restoration a call today for all your green cleaning needs in the Madison, Appleton, Milwaukee, Green Bay, La Crosse, Winona, Cedar Rapids, and Iowa City areas.


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Ensuring Your Facility is Safe With Professional Healthcare Cleaning in Madison, WI

July 5th, 2018 · No Comments

When it comes to healthcare cleaning in Madison, WI, it’s important to make sure that everything goes according to plan. Missing cleaning products, inappropriate outerwear, and disorganized cleaning checklists cause issues around healthcare offices and may even endanger patients or staff members.


Rather than risking the health of those who pass through the front door, take the time to prepare for healthcare cleaning:


  • Deep Clean: Everything within your healthcare office needs to be routinely deep cleaned, from floor to ceiling! Start with a good vacuuming and shampooing to your carpeted spaces and take time to deep clean all hard surfaces. Once the inside of your healthcare facility looks sparkling, don’t forget to remove stains from outdoor cement sidewalks or weather-worn walls
  • Conduct Training: Make sure all staff members understand the cleaning expectations around your office, so everyone will be on the same page regarding best practices and cleaning processes. Post these expectations in common areas and review them often to keep the office space spotless
  • Review Cleaning Procedures: Certain areas of your healthcare office may require specialty cleaning. For example, windows often require a specific, professional touch, as do floor mats. Take the time to understand these specific types of cleaning around your space so it’s done correctly each time
  • Understand Laundry: Additionally, laundering microfiber products is an important job within a healthcare office. Rather than risking the health of your office by spreading harmful bacteria or germs through soft fabrics and hoping for the best with subpar cleaning techniques, take the time to learn how to best launder healthcare office fabrics


While cleaning your Madison, WI, healthcare office always keep patient health in mind. Don’t use subpar cleaning techniques around your space. Instead, give the professionals at ServiceMaster Building Maintenance a call today for all of your healthcare cleaning needs in Appleton, Milwaukee, Green Bay, La Crosse, and Madison, WI, Winona, MN, and Cedar Rapids or Iowa City, IA.

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Stay Motivated This Summer With Office Cleaning in Winona, MN

June 27th, 2018 · No Comments

Going to the office can be difficult during July in Winona, MN. With the town full of sunshine, outdoor activities, and local festivals, you may find it more difficult to stay motivated behind your desk.

The key to staying focused during the summer is to make your indoor space as inviting as the outdoors. Here are just a few ways courtesy of the office cleaning professionals at ServiceMaster Building Maintenance to clean your office space this summer and make your office feel a little more exciting. 

  1. Keyboards: Computer keyboards collect germs and bacteria, especially if you eat lunch at your desk. During your office cleaning, take a moment to scrub the keys with a Magic Eraser and then use a sticky note to remove larger crumbs from between the keys. Next time you write an important email you’ll know the keyboard is ready to go!
  2. Screens: Use a mixture of alcohol and water to clean off tablet, phone, or computer screens. Apply this mixture with a microfiber cloth and be careful not to apply too much moisture to the screen. Just dampen each surface enough to ensure all of those collected bacteria and smudges disappear!
  3. Ear Buds: To guarantee the technological aspects of your office cleaning are complete, wipe off the grime and disinfect with a cotton ball. Ear buds also collect a lot of germs and need a routine cleaning before you jam out to your summer playlist!
  4. Decorations: Give your office a fresh look this summertime! Add a few small, green plants to your desk and routinely clean their leaves with a damp paper towel so they stay healthy. Additionally, throw a few beautiful nature books onto your shelves and remember to regularly dust off or vacuum the bookshelves.
  5. Organize: At the end of each workday clean the clutter off your desk. Although this office cleaning technique seems minor, when you walk in the next morning, you’ll feel recharged and ready to start a new day!

Keeping your office clean during the summer months is a great way to keep motivated in Winona, MN! Although minor tips and tricks are a great way to help out, make sure the whole staff benefits from a good office cleaning.

To get every corner of your office thoroughly cleaned this summer in Madison, Appleton, Milwaukee, Green Bay, and La Crosse, WI, Winona, MN, and Cedar Rapids or Iowa City, IA, call the professional cleaners at ServiceMaster Building Maintenance today!

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Find Reliable Healthcare Cleaning and Keep Your Green Bay, WI, Healthcare Clinic Safe

June 12th, 2018 · No Comments

When it comes to healthcare cleaning in Green Bay, WI, make sure that the job gets done right every time. By using thorough, proper cleaning methods, both patients and healthcare clinic employees will stay much healthier!


Ready to ensure a healthier environment for your clinic with healthcare cleaning? Let’s look at five valuable ways to get started:


Follow Instructions:

Cleaning your healthcare clinic requires a thorough read through first! Make sure that you read the instructions on every cleaning product before spraying or scrubbing on clinic floors, surfaces, or walls. With this information, you’ll know exactly how long to use the cleaner in order to truly remove bacteria.


Keep Fresh:

Always use fresh, new cleaning materials when scrubbing down your healthcare facility. Recycling old linens or rags only further spreads germs, rather than banishing them from your freshly cleaned space. Oftentimes, disposable products such as wipes or towels work best for this part of the job!


Avoid Clutter:

External belongings bring germs and bacteria into hospital rooms. Rather than risking the health of the patient with flower bouquets, stuffed animals, or other gifts, let patients know that these types of items may put a patient’s health at risk. Remove anything wilting or aging in patient rooms and keep bacteria from further infecting patients!


Scrub Thoroughly:

Make sure that you’re really combating bacteria and germs by scrubbing every surface thoroughly. Don’t simply dust over surfaces; take the time to genuinely wash, rinse, scrub, and remove any germs. A thorough cleaning will help healthcare professionals and patients will stay healthier!


Ready to invest in a high-quality healthcare cleaning in Green Bay, WI? Give the professional cleaners at ServiceMaster Building Maintenance a call today. We’re here to help anywhere in the Madison, Appleton, Milwaukee, Green Bay, La Crosse, Winona, Cedar Rapids, or Iowa City areas.






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