Hire a Janitor with Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities this Spring!

April 26th, 2020 · No Comments

Often times, janitors are taken for granted in commercial spaces. This spring in the Cedar Rapids, Iowa area, take the time to think about what you truly want out of your janitorial experience, rather than just going with whatever seems to fit the status quo. What do you want out of your commercial janitorial experience, and which services are important to keeping your business running smoothly?


Rather than risking it, hiring the staff at ServiceMaster Building Maintenance ensures that your commercial janitor will come equipped with three important qualities to serve your business: Janitorial knowledge, abilities, and skills.


Knowledge: Professional, commercial janitors have a lot of information that they need to keep straight, and up to date! Which cleaning products should be used where, and how often? What is the difference between antibacterial products and disinfectant? Our professional cleaning staff has the knowledge to get the job done!


Skills: Commercial janitors have a lot to juggle throughout the course of a day! Along with the skills to use the correct types of cleaning products, it’s important to make certain that your janitor has the proper skills for your specific commercial office. Hiring the team at ServiceMaster will guarantee a successful experience.


Abilities: Additionally, it’s important to make sure that your janitor has the physical ability to perform a consistently excellent job, which has a lot to do with both mental and physical strength! A high-quality janitor needs to have stamina and be able to focus on the job to clean the nooks and crannies.


Hiring the staff at ServiceMaster Building Maintenance ensures that you’ll get the best knowledge, skills, and abilities in your janitor within the Cedar Rapids, Iowa area. So, if you need a janitor in Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, Winona, La Crosse, Green Bay, Appleton, Milwaukee, or Madison, give our team a call today!

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Professional Healthcare Cleaning for Spring

April 18th, 2020 · No Comments

When folks walk into a medical setting, usually coughing or fighting off a cold, they expect to walk out feeling better. This only happens if the medical facility is fresh and clean all year round!


So, if you’re ready to make your hospital, doctor’s office, or medical facility sparkling this season in the Winona, MN, area, look no farther than the professional healthcare cleaners at ServiceMaster Building Maintenance. We know all the proper tips and tricks to get the job done right.


Here are just a few of the services we can provide as part of your professional healthcare cleaning this spring:


Controlling Infections: Infections are a serious business in healthcare facilities, and our professional team will ensure that your patients always leave healthier than when they walked in, rather than picking up additional germs, bacteria, or infections from improperly cleaned facilities. We use the proper cleaning products and disinfectants on all of your surfaces to make sure your facility remains germ-free!


Managing Overall Patient Costs: Although spending money on professional healthcare cleaning may seem unimportant, effective cleaning will save your healthcare facility money on patient costs in the long run. Cleaner areas mean healthier patients, and healthier patients get a clean bill of health much faster. That means less time spent in a hospital bed and less money spent on healthcare!


Specialized Cleaning Practices: Finally, the professional staff at ServiceMaster Building Maintenance has training in specialty cleaning practices. We know how to effectively dispose of hazardous waste, and will also work with your administrators to ensure all your cleaning needs are met.


So, what are you waiting for? Professional healthcare cleaning in the Winona, MN, area is good for everyone, from patients to staff members. Hire experts, and get your doctor’s office, hospital, or other medical facility sparkling clean this season.


If you need professional healthcare cleaning in the Winona, Green Bay, La Crosse, Madison, Milwaukee, Appleton, Cedar Rapids, or Iowa City areas, give our experienced staff members a call today!

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Green Cleaning Your Commercial Space This Spring

April 7th, 2020 · No Comments

Green cleaning is important at any time of the year in the La Crosse, WI, area, but especially during the spring months. After the ice and snow finally melts away, it’s important to make sure the inside of your commercial office space looks and feels just as fresh as the outside!


Whether you’re looking to freshen up the office or green clean your office culture, our professional staff members are here to help. Here are just a few ideas on how to get your green cleaning started this season with ServiceMaster Building Maintenance:


  • Use Products Wisely: When you hire an experienced green cleaning staff, such as the team at ServiceMaster Building Maintenance, they’ll make sure to introduce only the best green cleaning products into your commercial office space. We opt for those which are healthier for the environment and your indoor air quality.
  • Involve Staff Members: In addition to using experienced professional cleaners, it’s valuable to make sure the entire office gets involved! That means using proper recycling and waste disposal and shifting away from single-use products!
  • Consult Experts: Finally, if you’re feeling uncertain about how to move forward in green cleaning, speak with those who do it every day. In addition to consulting Environmental Protection Guidelines, speak with the experienced team at ServiceMaster Building Maintenance. We’ll guide you through the professional services and green cleaning products and methods we offer and make sure your questions are completely and satisfactorily answered.


So, what are you waiting for? The professional staff members at ServiceMaster Building Maintenance are here to support your green cleaning and green commercial space in the La Crosse, WI, area. We’re also available to support commercial offices in Green Bay, Madison, Milwaukee, and Appleton, WI, Cedar Rapids and Iowa City, IA, and Winona, MN. For the best in green cleaning services and solutions, please give us a call today!

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Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle in Commercial Green Cleaning

March 24th, 2020 · No Comments

Spring is here, which means this is the perfect opportunity to invest in green cleaning around the Milwaukee, WI, area. As the snow begins to melt away and the world turns a little greener each day, bring that rejuvenating, fresh energy indoors, even into your commercial spaces!


Here are just a few tips and techniques for bringing green cleaning into your office’s commercial cleaning this season:


  • Reduce: This spring, take stock of the products that commercial cleaners use around your space, and get rid of those high in chemicals and toxic materials! Reduce the number of chemicals used throughout your office cleaning, and instead, invest in more environmentally friendly, green cleaning products. Oftentimes, these include natural ingredients which will leave your commercial space feeling, looking, and smelling naturally fresh and clean!
  • Reuse: Another great way to invest in green cleaning this season is to opt for reusable products rather than single-use items. Although there’s a time and place for single-use cleaning products, a quality, professional cleaning staff will be able to identify when to opt for reusable products.
  • Recycle: Finally, make use of recycling baskets in your commercial office space. Label bins to identify which types of recycling products go into which bins in order to keep the office uncluttered and environmentally friendly. A professional green cleaning team will work with you to make these recycling initiatives as effective as possible!


If you’re interested in reducing, reusing, and recycling in your green cleaning this month in the Milwaukee, WI, area, look no further than ServiceMaster Building Maintenance. Our staff members understand how to effectively support your green cleaning initiatives and will work to provide you with excellent service. Give us a call today for all your green cleaning needs in Milwaukee, Madison, La Crosse, Green Bay, and Appleton, WI, Winona, MN, and Iowa City or Cedar Rapids, IA.

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Hire Professional Floor Cleaners this Spring

March 17th, 2020 · No Comments

Commercial floor cleaners know how to best perfect your office space this March in the Green Bay, Wisconsin, area. Rather than risking harm to clients, staff members, or your reputation this spring season, take the time to make certain your floors are welcoming, safe, and sparkling!


Start by contacting the professional team at ServiceMaster Building Maintenance. Our work is right in our name—we know how to maintain your building, starting with what’s underfoot. Here are just a few of the techniques we use to keep your floors perfectly clean throughout the year!


Regular Vacuuming: For hardwood floors and carpets alike, vacuums are incredibly valuable! In addition to removing surface dust and dirt and making your office look cleaner, vacuums also help maintain the longevity of your flooring. For carpets, that means keeping each fiber fresh, throughout every season!


Scheduled Sweeping and Mopping: Beyond just sweeping and mopping, our professional commercial floor cleaners understand exactly what your office space requires. They know which types of brooms work best with different types of flooring and understand the difference between utilizing a wet or dry mop. Rather than guessing this spring, allow us to step in with our expertise and get those floors appropriately swept and mopped!


Specialty Cleaning: Finally, our commercial floor cleaners understand when to use specialty cleaning techniques. If you have extensive carpeting throughout your office space, that may mean applying an extractor. For types of hard floors, our staff members may need to apply specific types of cleaners to keep your office feeling fresh!


Rather than guessing which commercial floor cleaning techniques will work best for your office this spring, trust a team the understands what to do! For all your office maintenance needs in Green Bay, La Crosse, Madison, Milwaukee, and Appleton, WI, Cedar Rapids and Iowa City, IA, and Winona, MN, contact the professional floor cleaners at ServiceMaster Building Maintenance today!

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Spring Window Cleaning Tips and Techniques

March 10th, 2020 · No Comments

Spring is here in the Madison, Wisconsin, area, which means it’s time for spring cleaning! The team at ServiceMaster Building Maintenance understands the importance of making certain your commercial space is clean, both inside and out. That’s why we’re the perfect company to help with your commercial window cleaning!


Here are just a few tips and techniques that our professional staff will bring to your office during commercial window cleaning:


  • Washing: When it comes to washing your windows, our staff members understand the importance of following a consistent procedure and routine. We use high-quality cleaning products to ensure that the process is as effective as possible. Additionally, our staff members use the proper tools, such as squeegees and microfiber cloths, both inside and outside your commercial space.
  • Drying: Additionally, our team understands the importance of effectively drying windows to avoid streaking, spotting, or other inconsistencies across the glass. For each job, we make certain to utilize the best tools and solutions for this process. We want your staff members to be able to watch the world turn green without staring at spots this season!
  • Other: Our professional staff understands that cleaning windows goes beyond just the glass. We’ll remove dirt and grime from other areas of the frame as well. If your windows need a dusting after the long winter or you need to remove an exterior spider web from the second floor, allow our professional staff members to handle it!


If you’re ready to hire a professional staff to clean your windows this season in the Madison, WI area, make sure to bring in a team that knows what to do. Our experienced staff members know the importance of process when cleaning windows, and we’ll ensure your office looks fresh and clean throughout the year!


If you’re looking for the best in commercial window cleaning in Appleton, Madison, Milwaukee, Green Bay, or La Crosse, WI, Winona, MN, and Cedar Rapids or Iowa City, IA, please give us a call today!

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Hospital Cleaning in February

February 21st, 2020 · No Comments

Hospital cleaning is always an important task in the Iowa City, Iowa, area, but especially when it comes to flu season. There’s nothing worse than visiting a hospital and leaving with a different type of illness! The staff at ServiceMaster Building Maintenance understands how important the health of your patients truly is to your staff members, and is here to assist you throughout this especially germy time of year.


Here are just a few of the ways our experienced team can help with your hospital cleaning during this month:


General Housekeeping: Although many folks may think of specialty cleaning when it comes to working within a hospital, our staff members are experts in many different cleaning procedures. We know the value in disinfecting surfaces and removing bacteria, and we work with the CDC to understand exactly which hospital cleaning techniques to incorporate into our tasks.


Correct Cleaning Products: As part of our ongoing training, our staff at ServiceMaster Building Maintenance works to stay up to date on required cleaning products. We follow state and federal guidelines to ensure that your building receives the best possible treatment, and we work with you to answer any questions about our process!


Storing Properly: In addition to knowing how to generally disinfect and use correct products, our staff understands the importance of storage in hospital cleaning as well. That process begins with correctly storing our cleaning products, as well as properly disposing of waste from inside your facility.


So, if you are ready to hire an experienced, professional staff to help with your hospital cleaning this February in the Iowa City, Iowa area, look no further than ServiceMaster Building Maintenance. We’re here to help hospitals in the La Crosse, Winona, Green Bay, Appleton, Milwaukee, Madison, Cedar Rapids, and Iowa City areas.


Just give us a call today to get started on a quote today!

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Commercial Deep Cleaning for Offices this February

February 14th, 2020 · No Comments

Deep cleaning is an important task for your commercial office this February in the La Crosse, WI, area. So, why risk such an important task on a company that’s not ready to take it on, from the top of your office to the bottom?


Give the staff members at ServiceMaster Building Maintenance a call today, and allow us to tackle the deep cleaning process at your commercial office in three simple steps:


Step One—Start at the Top: Start your deep cleaning with a good, thorough dusting because the adage of cleaning from top to bottom is true. When deep cleaning, it’s always better to start cleaning toward the top of your space, knock down dust, and then remove it at the bottom later in the process.


Step Two—Move to the Middle: Our staff members will continue into the middle areas of your office, such as desks. Our deep cleaning means disinfecting each of these areas with the appropriate cleaning material, and removing any other fingerprints, spots, or stains that might be left behind!


Step Three—End at the Bottom: At the conclusion of deep cleaning your commercial office, our team will focus on sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming the floor. With our professional care, your carpeted, tiled, and hardwood floors will look fresh throughout this February!


Every office probably needs a good deep cleaning this February in the La Crosse, WI, area. Why waste money with a company that doesn’t understand exactly how to tackle the process? Our professional cleaning team knows how to get the job done, from top to bottom!


If you’re ready to invest in high-quality, commercial deep cleaning this February, give our professional staff members a call. The staff at ServiceMaster Building Maintenance is here to help folks in the Winona, La Crosse, Madison, Milwaukee, Green Bay, Appleton, Cedar Rapids, and Iowa City areas!

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Invest in Environmentally Friendly Cleaning this February

February 9th, 2020 · No Comments

The holiday season has come and gone in the Cedar Rapids, IA, area. That means it’s time to start looking ahead and making sure that your commercial space has fully recovered from last year’s festivities!


Rather than allowing just any type of cleaning into your commercial office, think about the quality of your indoor air and opt for a more natural approach. Environmentally friendly cleaning is valuable any time of the year, but especially when looking for a fresh start with some fresh air!


Here are just a few ways that environmentally friendly cleaning can keep your office fresh throughout the new year:


Removing Spots and Stains: Environmentally friendly cleaning is a great way to remove stubborn spots and stains from around your commercial space, whether they appeared just last December or during the holiday party three years ago! Make your own cleaning products to remove these pesky spots or invest in a cleaning company that will use green cleaning techniques to refresh your floors and carpets.


Maintaining Cleanliness: Environmentally friendly cleaning needs to happen often in order to be fully effective. As many staff members spend eight or more hours within a commercial space each day, it’s important for staff members to feel respected by walking into a clean environment. That means regularly hiring a team to safely and “greenly” remove germs, bacteria, and dust!


Banishing Winter Grime: Winter is an especially grubby time of year between folks tracking in melted snow or leaving sticky smudges on the windows. Use environmentally friendly cleaning products to remove these grimy remains, and keep your office looking fresh throughout the winter months!


Environmentally friendly cleaning is important all year long in the Cedar Rapids, IA, area, but especially during the long, cold winter months. Your staff members and customers need to stay warm inside during this time of year; why not make the freshest, cleanest environment possible for your team?


What are you waiting for? Give our experienced staff members a for all your environmentally friendly cleaning in the Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, Winona, La Crosse, Green Bay, Milwaukee, Madison, and Appleton areas today!

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Deep Clean the Office this January

January 27th, 2020 · No Comments

Now that it’s January in the Winona, Minnesota, area, it’s time to start anew within your commercial office space. Although traditional office cleaning is valuable any time of the year, consider the importance of a complete, commercial deep cleaning!


Don’t waste the fresh, brand new opportunity that comes with a fresh, brand new year! Here are just a few of the services included in a thorough, commercial deep clean for your office space this new year:


  • Complete Dusting: With a thorough office deep cleaning, a meticulous dusting is conducted from the top of your office to the bottom. That means a professional cleaning staff member begins by dusting those hard-to-reach areas, like the tops of bookshelves or baseboards. From there, a deep cleaning includes dusting every other surface, from counter tops to the top of the fridge!
  • Vacuuming: Once the dust is removed from every nook and cranny of the office, your deep cleaning should include a complete vacuuming. In addition to collecting any dirt or grime, the vacuuming will also catch any leftover dust that has floated down into the carpet fibers and get it out of your commercial space!
  • Sanitizing: Once all the dust and dirt is removed through deep cleaning, tackle the germs and bacteria! A deep cleaning must include sanitizing restrooms, kitchen countertops, and other often used spaces. A professional cleaner will understand how to appropriately get rid of those germs and make sure your office is both clean and safe!


Now that we’re into a new year in the Winona, MN, area, take the time to invest in a high-quality deep cleaning with the professional staff members at ServiceMaster Building Maintenance. We’re here to serve businesses in Appleton, Green Bay, La Crosse, Madison, and Milwaukee, WI, Iowa City and Cedar Rapids, IA, and Winona, MN. Give our experienced team members a call today to help your office start the new year with a professional, thorough deep cleaning!

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