Keep Your Restrooms Clean and Healthy in Madison, WI

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The restrooms in your office, clinic or other type of business facility see high amounts of traffic. On average, adults go to the bathroom four to seven times per day. Given that statistic and the nature of bathroom visits, a high priority should be given to professional restroom cleaning. After all, clean restrooms will help keep your employees, customers and patients healthier and show that you care about them and your business.

The cleaning professionals at ServiceMaster Building Maintenance, Madison, WI offer high-quality restroom cleaning as part of our janitorial services and commercial cleaning services. We’ve got the tools, cleaning solutions and know-how to make your bathrooms shine, while eliminating nasty germs and bacteria that can make people sick.

When the restrooms in your business facility are dirty, disease-causing germs can easily be passed from one employee to another. That’s because bathrooms have several surfaces that are touched by many hands every day. These surfaces are known as touch points and they include toilet handles and seats, door knobs, faucets, hand dryers and towel dispensers. Regular restroom cleaning and sanitation eliminates many of the germs on those common touch points. A reduced germ load equals less sickness and absenteeism and boosts overall work productivity. Clean restrooms can also boost employee morale and reduce turnover because they show your employees that you care about the overall environment they’re working in.

The finely-tuned restroom cleaning protocol developed and used by ServiceMaster Building Maintenance will ensure that your restrooms look and smell as good as possible. Here are several of the steps we follow:

  • Empty all trash receptacles and replace the liners
  • Sweep the floors to remove all bits of paper, hair, dust and dirt
  • Scrub floors, sinks and countertops to remove water splashes, dirt and other debris
  • Clean in, around and behind toilets, urinals and other hard-to-reach surfaces
  • Polish mirrors, faucets and other chrome surfaces
  • Clean and disinfect all touch points
  • Dust or vacuum vents, corners, ceilings and base boards

In Wisconsin, ServiceMaster Building Maintenance serves the communities of Madison, Appleton, Milwaukee, Green Bay and La Crosse. In Minnesota we serve Winona, and in Iowa the Cedar Rapids and Iowa City communities. For clean and disinfected restrooms, pick up the phone and give us a call today. Your employees will thank you!

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Outstanding Cleaning Services
Thank you for the outstanding cleaning services provided by ServiceMaster. From our daily cleaning routine to scheduled carpet/upholstery shampooing, your people do an excellent job. I really appreciate how responsive you have been to any request I’ve made or when we need a quick “touch-up carpet shampoo” because of a spill… it’s so convenient to take care of this before a stain sets in! We take great pride in providing our clients and employees with a clean and professional looking environment. You’ve provided great customer service over the years, so please keep up the good work!
Joanie Ulrich
Grant Thornton LLP