Professional Upholstery Cleaning Will Make Your Madison, WI Office Furniture Last Longer

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Professional upholstery cleaning at regular intervals from ServiceMaster Building Maintenance will go a long way toward protecting the sizeable investment you’ve made in furniture for your Madison, WI office, clinic, or other business facility.

In most cases, office furniture sees an incredible amount of use vs. the furniture in your home. With that heavy daily use, a litany of nasty and odor-causing substances quickly accumulates on upholstered couches, chairs, and other furniture. These substances, which can include organic matter, allergens, oils, dirt, food crumbs, beverages, and bacteria, break down the fibers in upholstery over time and shorten their lifespan. Plus, dirty office furniture isn’t likely to install confidence in your customers and patients, or motivate your employees to do their very best work. And, clean furniture not only looks good and lasts longer, but it’s healthier for everyone who uses it.

In addition to having your upholstered furniture professionally cleaned, here are some other strategies to help your office furniture last longer and look great:


  • Vacuum at regular intervals. If you’re utilizing the professional cleaning services offered by ServiceMaster Building Maintenance, we’ll take care of this with our high-quality equipment.


  • If possible, keep your upholstered furniture out of direct sunlight to minimize fading. Use blinds at appropriate times to help do that.


  • If a spill or other accident happens, tend to it immediately. After all, the longer a spill remains, the harder it is to get out. Using a clean white towel, blot the stain. If it’s appropriate, apply the correct spot remover and work toward the center of the spot. Repeat as needed.


  • Use arm rest covers and have them regularly cleaned.


ServiceMaster Building Maintenance offers high-quality upholstery cleaning and other commercial cleaning services. In Wisconsin, we provide services in Appleton, Green Bay, La Crosse, and Milwaukee. Other areas we cover include Winona, MN, and Cedar Rapids and Iowa City in Iowa.

Visit our website for more information today. At ServiceMaster Building Maintenance, commercial cleaning is our business, and we take it very seriously!




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