Our Janitorial Services Will Keep the Restrooms in Your Appleton, WI, Business Clean!

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Dirty restrooms in your Appleton, WI office, healthcare facility or other type of business are one sure-fire way to send your customers or patients running to the competition. To prevent them from doing that, make a call to ServiceMaster Building Maintenance to learn more about our high-quality janitorial services. In addition to clean and well-stocked bathrooms, the rest of your facility will look professional after our highly trained and efficient personnel have serviced it.

Why are clean restrooms an essential key to the success of your Appleton, WI business? According to a survey this year by the Bradley Corporation, a manufacturer of restroom fixtures, nasty bathroom experiences create extremely negative impressions in the minds of consumers. Once those damaging impressions have been formed, it’s tough for many businesses to regain the confidence of their clients and patients.

Cleanliness topped the list of what respondents in the survey want to see in public restrooms, followed by ample supplies of paper products and soap. Fortunately, you can count on ServiceMaster Building Maintenance to enhance your company’s image by keeping your restrooms clean with our high-quality janitorial services and well-stocked with our disposable product purchasing and stocking services.

To keep your bathrooms clean and pleasant, our cleaning personnel will sweep and mop all floors, wipe down all surfaces and fixtures, polish all fixtures and mirrors, empty the trash receptacles and replace their liners, and much more!

With our disposable product purchasing and stocking services, visitors to your restrooms will always have full access to the items they need for adequate germ-crushing hand-washing. These items include hand towels, hand soap and hand sanitizers. Of course, we supply toilet paper, toilet seat covers and feminine hygiene products, too.

In addition to Appleton, ServiceMaster Building Maintenance serves the Wisconsin cities of Green Bay, La Crosse, Madison and Milwaukee. In Minnesota, we serve Winona and the surrounding communities. If your Iowa business is located in Cedar Rapids or Iowa City, we can help you, too. Call us today at 866-992-1122 to keep your restrooms clean, sanitized and well-stocked with disposable products.

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Outstanding Cleaning Services
Thank you for the outstanding cleaning services provided by ServiceMaster. From our daily cleaning routine to scheduled carpet/upholstery shampooing, your people do an excellent job. I really appreciate how responsive you have been to any request I’ve made or when we need a quick “touch-up carpet shampoo” because of a spill… it’s so convenient to take care of this before a stain sets in! We take great pride in providing our clients and employees with a clean and professional looking environment. You’ve provided great customer service over the years, so please keep up the good work!
Joanie Ulrich
Grant Thornton LLP