Make Your Spring Cleaning a Little Greener with Green Cleaning Services in Appleton, WI

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For so many people, one of the biggest joys of spring is the return of green: leaves budding, flowers blooming, and grass becoming greener with each spring rain shower. We encourage green living all year round, particularly when it comes to janitorial cleaning services. Green cleaning both helps the environment and creates better indoor air quality in your Appleton, WI office building. Call on ServiceMaster Building Maintenance for our green cleaning expertise.

There are many reasons why someone would be affected by the air quality in your office building. Perhaps they have a medical condition like asthma or are allergic to airborne particles like pollen or dust. Maybe they’re sensitive to certain chemicals found in perfumes or standard cleaning products. You want everyone in the building to be comfortable and healthy, which is possible with our green cleaning methods.

The first way we improve indoor air quality through green cleaning is with our independently certified line of cleaning products. These products contain no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) or detergents, both substances that could affect people with odor sensitivities. By using these green cleaning products, we’ll protect your office building’s indoor air quality while still cleaning just as effectively as if we had used standard cleaning products.

The second way that our green cleaning experts improve the indoor air quality in your office building is with a technique called Capture & Removal Cleaning, which works to clean up each dust particulate for good. Our professional cleaning staff uses a “Sidewinder” wand, a dust wand, and a HEPA filtration system to move dust from dirty surfaces directly into a vacuum. Other cleaning services providers rely on dusters that stir up those dust particulates and give them the chance to resettle somewhere else in the building. Capture & Removal Cleaning decreases airborne particulates by over 50% when used in a facility for two weeks, creating cleaner indoor air quality and healthier air for both your customers and your co-workers.

This spring, bring a little extra green into your Appleton, WI office building with the green cleaning experts at ServiceMaster Building Maintenance. We serve as the eighth Green Seal certified green cleaning service provider in the nation, and the only GS-42 certified cleaning company in the state of Wisconsin. We look forward to helping your office building go green and breathe easier in Madison, Milwaukee, La Crosse, and Green Bay, WI; Winona, MN; and Iowa City and Cedar Rapids, IA.


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