Clean Medical Offices Despite Flu Season in the Iowa City Area

January 26th, 2017 · No Comments

It’s wintertime in the Iowa City, IA area, which means it’s also cold and flu season! Although folks are taking precautionary measures such as using hand sanitizer, stocking up on tissues, and purchasing cans of chicken noodle soup, how do medical offices ensure that they keep sneezing and sniffling patients from getting sicker?

That’s where professional medical office cleaning comes into play. Although medical offices certainly want to invest in a professional to take care of the deep cleaning, there are other ways to help maintain that daily cleanliness throughout flu season:

  • Use Proper Waste Receptacles: Medical office employees should be aware of the proper areas in which to dispose of equipment, sharps, and waste. For example, biohazard waste receptacles keep dangerous materials away from other patients, and infectious waste containers are the perfect place to get rid of used gloves. Better to contain potential infection than further spread it!
  • Wash Hands: Regular hand washing should take place after every patient visit or interaction. With so many germs in the air, why risk spreading further illness around your medical office? Make sure to stay near soap and warm water!
  • Clean Common Spaces: Messy kitchen spaces, untidy bathrooms, and cluttered common areas contribute to the spread of germs. Make sure employees clean up after themselves, and keep cleaning throughout the week. This will ensure that medical office spaces remain welcoming until the professional cleaners arrive!

When it comes to medical office cleaning in the Iowa City area, make certain the professionals have your back. Along with managing waste disposal, hand washing, and common areas, these trained cleaners know how to disinfect and deep clean medical offices so that they’re prepared for whatever flu season has to offer!

For additional information about ServiceMaster Building Maintenance in Iowa City and Cedar Rapids, IA, Winona, MN, or La Crosse, Green Bay, Appleton, Milwaukee, and Madison, WI, contact us today!

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