Selecting the Right Upholstery in the La Crosse, Wisconsin, Area

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When it comes to springtime cleaning in the La Crosse, Wisconsin, area, it’s important to consider office makeovers, too! Maybe for your commercial space, that means switching to yoga ball chairs or standing desks. Maybe it means new flooring, or even brand new upholstered furniture!

Before you refurbish and refurnish your chairs, sofas, or other upholstered pieces, take a moment to consider how certain fabrics respond in commercial environments.

Location: If your furniture will be located in a high-traffic waiting or reception area, avoid fabrics like silk and linen. Instead, opt for a more durable, engineered fabric with a tight weave and the ability to withstand waiting customers for years to come!

Decoration: Are you looking to create a cheerful, professional, modern, or comfortable theme in your office? Consider these moods in addition to patterns and prints when selecting a new piece of upholstered fabric!

Cleaning: Make sure that you understand how to clean the fabric before you select it. Know whether it requires water-based cleaners, dry cleaning, or other cleaning methods before you fully commit, and decide whether your office can properly care for the fabric.

Staining: Decide whether your piece of furniture will need additional stain protection. For example, if it’s located in an area that also includes food or coffee or an area prone to mold and bacteria growth, it may be helpful to invest in stain resistant or Crypton fabrics.

Looking to give your office a makeover in the La Crosse, Wisconsin, area? Once you’ve researched your fabric options and decided which upholstery works best in your commercial office space, make sure that fabric sticks around for a good long time.

The folks at ServiceMaster Building Maintenance know how to tackle upholstery stains and routine cleaning. For high quality, professional care of your upholstered commercial furniture, contact us today!

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Thank you for the outstanding cleaning services provided by ServiceMaster. From our daily cleaning routine to scheduled carpet/upholstery shampooing, your people do an excellent job. I really appreciate how responsive you have been to any request I’ve made or when we need a quick “touch-up carpet shampoo” because of a spill… it’s so convenient to take care of this before a stain sets in! We take great pride in providing our clients and employees with a clean and professional looking environment. You’ve provided great customer service over the years, so please keep up the good work!
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