4 Ways to Keep Up Your Commercial Carpets in Green Bay, WI

August 18th, 2017 · No Comments

Commercial carpet cleaning is an important practice in Green Bay, WI, especially in the midst of the summer months. With allergens in the air as well as dust, dander, and dirt, it’s important to start thinking about how to get those carpets clean of pesky irritants before autumn arrives.

Before you dive into your commercial carpet cleaning, there are a few valuable points and factoids to consider. Here are a few facts to know before starting the commercial carpet cleaning process:

  1. Vacuum Often: In order to be successfully maintained and have a long life, commercial carpets should be vacuumed just about every day. Although this may seem like an extreme schedule, it’s the best way to fight back against the dirt and other filth accumulating in highly trafficked carpet fibers!
  2. Stay Up to Date: Invest in high quality vacuum cleaners and cleaning supplies. The more up-to-date cleaning products are manufactured specifically to keep commercial areas safe and clean, while making the cleaning process simpler for professional cleaners. Additionally, newer materials are less likely to carry old germs or dirt.
  3. Keep Products Handy: Make sure to keep spot cleaning materials nearby so employees can touch up their personal spaces. Although it’s not practical to expect employees to do the heavy lifting when it comes to commercial cleaning, keeping a few disposable cleaning wipes or bottles of carpet cleaner around will allow them to tackle stains as soon as they happen.
  4. Check Materials: Especially if you’re opting for green cleaning products! Make certain you know which types of products are making contact with your carpet. Even if they’re certified “green,” they may contain materials that would damage specific types of carpets.

Cleaning commercial carpets is an important task in Green Bay, WI, as well as Madison, Appleton, Milwaukee, and La Crosse, WI, Cedar Rapids and Iowa City, IA, and Winona, MN. Make sure it’s done right every single time! Contact our professional cleaners at ServiceMaster Building Maintenance today!

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