4 Commercial Healthcare Cleaning Tips in Appleton, WI

October 31st, 2017 · No Comments

Fall has officially arrived in Appleton, WI. This means the cold and flu season is just around the corner! Although there are preventative measures you can take to protect your commercial healthcare space, such as flu shots and hand sanitizer, have you considered the importance of a professional, routine cleaning?

Here are a few cleaning techniques to try before the cold and flu season officially hits your commercial healthcare space:

  1. Safety First: Before tackling any sort of commercial cleaning job, especially those within a healthcare facility, make sure to consider your safety first. Invest in quality protective gear and commercial cleaning products, and make sure to wear a mask throughout the process!
  2. Create Checklists: Make a checklist of spaces to clean, and stick to that checklist. Start out by deciding which areas need to be scrubbed, and then mark them off once completed. By following this routine, you won’t miss a single germy surface!
  3. Fresh Cleaning Materials: Make sure not to reuse cleaning rags, sponges, or towels as you move from one area to another. This eliminates the potential risk of spreading infectious bacteria and viruses from one surface to the next.
  4. Wash Hands: Every time you see your hands outside of your protective gloves, make sure to scrub them clean with warm, soapy water. With this protocol you’ll keep yourself healthy throughout the cleaning process rather than catching the flu from a table or countertop!

Cleaning commercial healthcare spaces is an important job in Appleton, WI this cold and flu season. Don’t leave it to inexperienced cleaners! Instead, invest in the quality, professional healthcare cleaning services offered by ServiceMaster Building Maintenance.

For all of your cleaning needs in Appleton, Madison, Milwaukee, Green Bay, or La Crosse, WI, Winona, MN, and Cedar Rapids or Iowa City, IA, give us a call today!

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