Gratitude in Commercial Office Cleaning in Iowa City, IA

October 26th, 2017 · No Comments

November is a time for gratitude in Iowa City, IA. Although there are a number of ways to show your coworkers that you care, whether it’s by purchasing snacks for the break room or dropping a kind note via email, what about showing gratitude for your office space?

Take the time to show you care and pay it forward by cleaning up your common office spaces this November! Here are just a few different ideas to help keep the office clean for everyone:

Break Rooms: People generally relax and unwind in the break room, which means this space tends to get cluttered. Take a moment or two out of your day to rearrange cups, change that empty water cooler, restock tissues, and clear up the space. Coworkers will be grateful to have this common area looking spotless!

Bathrooms: Noticing paper towels scattered all over the floor or the air freshener running a bit low? Take a moment to address the mess in your commercial bathroom space. Although you don’t necessarily need to scrub floors and toilets, simply clearing up clutter makes a big difference!

Kitchens: Shared staff kitchens are often disasters waiting to happen! With everyone preparing, eating, and cleaning up food in this space, there are a lot of ways for this space to get messy. Take a moment to clean out the fridge, or simply wipe crumbs off of shared eating spaces. Not only will this make your lunchtime more pleasant, it will also improve everyone’s time in the kitchen!

There are a number of different ways to show your coworkers that you care about them in Iowa City, IA, this November, and cleaning up around the office is a great way to start!

If you’re looking for professional assistance, do your entire office a favor and invest in a high-quality company to get your commercial office cleaning done right. If you work in the Madison, Appleton, Milwaukee, Green Bay, La Crosse, Winona, Cedar Rapids, or Iowa City area, give the professionals at ServiceMaster Building Maintenance a call today!

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