“Old School” School Cleaning Techniques in Milwaukee, WI

December 5th, 2017 · No Comments

Flu season is in full swing in Milwaukee, WI! That means germs are in the air, especially in area elementary, middle, and high schools. With so many students passing through the hallways each day, containing germs and illnesses is a challenge. Make sure there’s a quality cleaner helping to fend off the flu!

Here are just a few “old school,” school cleaning techniques for keeping hallways and classrooms flu-free this January. Let’s take a look:

Mix Ammonia and Water: To remove fingerprints from windows and mirrors, mix two tablespoons of ammonia with warm water. Pour this mixture into a spray bottle, apply it to the surfaces that need cleaning, and then wipe it away with a gentle cloth or paper towel. If you don’t have ammonia on hand, opt for vinegar instead.

Wash Laundry: If classrooms have pillows, blankets, washcloths, towels, or other items that can go inside a washing machine, make sure to launder them often. Tide detergent works especially well and will leave school classrooms smelling fresh and clean!

Cloth Diapers: Since you’re already planning to do a load of laundry, try cleaning with cloth diapers instead of traditional wash clothes or towels. Diapers tend to be more absorbent, which will make scrubbing desks and countertops easier. Then these diapers will go right into the washing machine!

Baking Soda: If your school classroom or staff lounge has a refrigerator that needs freshening, open a box of baking soda. Just tuck it in the back, and switch out the box every few months. Baking soda is also helpful when cleaning carpets or freshening classroom laundry.

Cleaning up your school doesn’t have to be too complicated in Milwaukee, WI. Keep it old school by following these techniques, or invest in a professional to take care of all the messy work!

Whether you live in the Madison, Appleton, Green Bay, La Crosse, Winona, Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, or Milwaukee area, let the professionals at ServiceMaster Building Maintenance tend to your school cleaning needs. Give us a call today!

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