Summer Vacation Doesn’t Mean a Vacation from Janitorial Cleaning in Green Bay, WI

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School’s out for the summer in Green Bay, WI, and that means it’s time to get to work! When students leave their classrooms behind to start relaxing, swimming, or spending three months with friends and family, staff members within the school are just getting started, especially when it comes to janitorial cleaning!


Summertime is an important time of year for school janitors. Here are just a few of the many tasks they address during summer vacation:


Classroom Cleaning:

Once students are officially out of their classrooms for the summer, janitors are able to get each room deep cleaned. That means vacuuming up pencil shavings, scrubbing classroom spaces from ceiling to floor, removing marker or glue stains, and washing windows. Once janitorial cleaning is finished, classrooms are ready for another year of learning!


Bathroom Cleaning:

Student restrooms are full of germs and bacteria, so summer is the perfect time to make sure they’re really clean for students in the fall. Janitors sanitize and disinfect toilets and sinks, and also replace paper towels, tissues, and other school restroom necessities.


Floor Cleaning:

Without the constant pitter-patter of student feet, janitorial staff members use summertime to get all of the floors truly cleaned. For tiled floors that means sweeping, waxing, and buffing. For carpets that means vacuuming and extracting. By the time fall arrives, the floors and carpets will be ready for students!


Outdoor Maintenance:

Janitorial staff members oftentimes perform routine outdoor work as well. During summer vacation, you may see janitors outside mowing the lawn, sweeping the sidewalk, watering foliage, or performing playground maintenance. Thanks to their hard work, students will be safe during recess this fall!

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