3 Reasons to Hire a Day Porter this February in Appleton, WI

February 19th, 2019 · No Comments

February is a cold, messy month in Appleton, WI. Between slush and snowfall, mud and rain, make sure that your commercial business has a full staff looking out for the space and keeping it tidy!


Consider hiring a day porter to assist with the daily tasks around your office. Here are three reasons a day porter is a worthwhile investment, especially this time of year:


Removing and Restocking: Need an extra hand to help with cleaning around your office space? A day porter will help maintain a welcoming appearance around the office, and keep things running smoothly. Day porters provide helpful, daily tasks, such as removing trash, and restocking restrooms. Never run out of paper towels again! For all your office’s removal and restocking needs, consider bringing in a day porter.


General Cleaning: In addition to dusting and sweeping, day porters may also provide general cleaning services to your commercial office space. For example, if the staff lounge microwave is splattered with leftover soup and broccoli, a day porter will clean up the area. Noticing dust on those hard-to-reach top shelves? A day porter will discreetly take care of that!


Specific Tasks: Along with general cleaning and safety maintenance, day porters may provide specific services required by your company. Some of these include unexpected cleaning or maintenance tasks, such as cleaning up toner spills, vomit, or clogs. If you require sudden assistance with a staff lounge, restroom, or other space, talk with your day porter to create a cleaning plan. Most professionals understand exactly what to do next!


As you plan for the mess and chill of February in Appleton, WI, make sure there is a full team of cleaners looking out for your office space. Give the folks at ServiceMaster Building Maintenance a call today for all day porter service needs in the Milwaukee, Madison, La Crosse, Appleton, Winona, Cedar Rapids, and Iowa City area, and keep your office clean this season!

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