Benefits of a Day Porter in the Milwaukee, WI Area

July 3rd, 2019 · No Comments

If you have regular commercial cleaning services but need a little extra support during your daytime hours, consider utilizing a day porter within your Milwaukee, WI office. Day porters provide many valuable cleaning services and are also there to provide a helpful, friendly presence throughout your open hours.


Here are just a few of the benefits of hiring a day porter for your commercial space.


Restroom Care: Even though your regular commercial cleaners clean, disinfect, and restock your restrooms overnight, a day porter is there to help for last-minute outages or spills. For example, if there’s water on the floor or the paper towels run out, allow a helpful day porter to step in and save the day.


Lobby Maintenance: Especially during weather events such as winter snow or summer thunderstorms, lobbies need a little extra care. Even though shoes and boots track mud, snow, or other outdoor debris through the entry way of your office, a professionally trained day porter will step in and keep it looking fresh.


Common Cleaning: During the lunch rush or common break times, certain areas of the office may get especially messy. Day porters understand how to monitor eating areas, clean up common appliances, and sweep between mealtimes. Allow us to use our expertise and keep those commonly-used areas clean for employees and customers alike!


Specialty Services: Day porters remain around the office throughout operating hours, which makes these professionals available for specialty tasks or projects. For example, do you need assistance setting up or tearing down a meeting? Perhaps one conference room needs extra care following a large gathering? Allow a day porter to help.


If you’re looking for additional cleaning assistance around your commercial space in the Milwaukee, WI area, contact the team at ServiceMaster Building Maintenance. We’re here to provide excellent day porter services to offices in Milwaukee, Madison, Green Bay, Appleton, and La Crosse, WI; Winona, MN; as well as Cedar Rapids and Iowa City, IA. Give us a call today!

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