Environmentally Friendly Cleaning in the Cedar Rapids, IA, Area

August 5th, 2019 · No Comments

Now that summer is here in the Cedar Rapids, IA, area, the world is finally green rather than white, gray, and brown! In order to celebrate the sunshine and changing environment outside your office, bring some of that green into your commercial space!


Environmentally friendly cleaning is easy, especially if you team up with the folks at ServiceMaster Building Maintenance. Here are just a few reasons for your office to go green with environmentally friendly cleaning this summertime:


  • Building Safety: Applying harmful chemicals to carpeting, hard surfaces, windows, or walls can quickly deteriorate the quality of your office building space, especially if applied incorrectly or in excess. Instead, opt for safer, environmentally friendly cleaning products that effectively and economically remove dirt and germs without harming property value!
  • Employee Health: Using environmentally friendly cleaning products can improve the overall health of office staff members. Rather than irritating allergies with harmful chemicals or creating dangerous super-bugs from overused anti-bacterial cleaners, allow a professional, experienced green cleaning team to step in with natural products!
  • Answer Questions: In addition to providing environmentally friendly cleaning within your office, pairing with the staff at ServiceMaster Building Maintenance ensures any questions or concerns you may have will be answered quickly. Working with our staff also allows you access to our years of experience and guidance providing green cleaning for a more sustainable office environment.


Rather than risking the health of your building and employees this summer in the Cedar Rapids, IA, area, pair up with the team that understands the value of green cleaning. The staff at ServiceMaster Building Maintenance is here to provide environmentally friendly cleaning services to businesses in and around the areas of Iowa City and Cedar Rapids, IA, Appleton, Madison, Milwaukee, Green Bay, and La Crosse, WI, and Winona, MN, so give us a call today!

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