Commercial Post Construction Cleaning for the Fall

October 8th, 2020 · No Comments

If your commercial business has undergone some construction or remodeling during 2020 in the La Crosse, Wisconsin area, you’ll likely need to invest in some post construction cleaning this fall. Updates to your building are often necessary and exciting, but it’s important to make sure everything is clean and safe before employees, customers, and clients walk inside.


Here are just a few ways the team at ServiceMaster Building Maintenance can support your team through the process of commercial post construction cleaning:


  • Debris Cleanup: As you know, construction is a messy process. If you have leftover drywall or building materials laying around and don’t know what to do, our professional team is here to help! The first step of our commercial post construction cleaning process is to remove major debris from the area.
  • Dust Removal: Between sawing, installing, transporting, and removing, there are many steps in the construction process that can leave dust and trash of all types behind. Our professional team understands that this unsightly waste is not only annoying but can also be dangerous to employee and customer health. After removing major debris, we’ll work to remove dust and grime from all areas of your space, including a thorough cleaning of the walls.
  • Floor Cleaning: Next up, our team will turn their attention to the floors and carpets. We include vacuuming, mopping, and other specialty floor cleaning in our post construction process. It’s important to make sure that your freshly constructed or remodeled office space is clean, from top to bottom!


So, if you’re considering post construction cleaning in the La Crosse, WI area, look no further than the professional team at ServiceMaster Building Maintenance. We’re here to make sure your space is ready for the upcoming season in and around the areas of Cedar Rapids and Iowa City, IA; Winona, MN; and La Crosse, Madison, Milwaukee, Appleton, and Green Bay, WI. Give us a call today!

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