Client Care

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ServiceMaster Building Maintenance knows that a large reason we have been in business and growing for over 23 years is our Clients. Our business has been built on service. We respond to our client’s needs, no matter how large or how small, and we respond immediately. ServiceMaster Building Maintenance is committed to ensuring that our clients have their needs and expectations for cleaning services met.

Our commitment to providing the highest quality service is maintained by our staff solely devoted to client services. This commitment ensures than when you call with a request, you will speak directly to a person who knows you and your facility.

Our client services staff will learn your facility and its unique requirements.  They look for solutions to commercial cleaning questions or disaster restoration issues that arise.  They work to address any concerns before they become an issue.  Our client services staff are there to serve you and make certain that the relationship you and your facility build with ServiceMaster Building Maintenance is strong.  They assure that when you become a client, you remain a client for many years to come.


ServiceMaster Building Maintenance believes our inspection process helps us exceed expectations.  We believe that supervision and inspection along with the communication of both is essential for taking care of your facility.

Our business helped in developing the ServiceMaster Clean PACT Inspection Program which serves as both a service and communication tool for our clients.  By utilizing this system on a regularly scheduled basis, we are able to identify areas of needed improvement, make service recommendations, and provide our staff with both constructive and positive feedback on their cleaning performance.  Our client services representatives then track these results and communicate back to you areas of improvement and service recommendations.

Our PACT Inspection Program has four components:

Plan: Regularly scheduled, consistent inspections
Act: Perform a thorough inspection of the facility
Communicate: Review inspection results with cleaning staff and communicate with client
Track: Record and track results to ensure we meet our client's expectations, and make necessary improvements or service recommendations

Feedback and Good Morning Surveys

While we maintain consistent communication with our primary facility contact, we also understand that there are many people in the facilities we clean who do not speak with us directly.  Three times per year with our client’s permission, we leave simple surveys addressing several areas of our service at each office, desk, or work station.  With this system, ServiceMaster Building Maintenance learns about any positive comments or concerns that building tenants may have that have not reached you or us.  Surveys are collected, tabulated, and we then communicate the results to you. We deploy over 21,000 surveys each year, and that number continues to grow.


Take it from Our Clients

Living up to Their Name
ServiceMaster. They truly live up to the name. They are masters at what they do. No matter the day or time of day they are willing and very able to help you out in a pinch. We have always been happy with the service we get from Service Master and really appreciate the extra steps they take when you need their help at the last minute or an emergency. Great follow through with their employees and services. When competitors call to get your business we say with total confidence "no thanks we have Service Master !!"
Sue Kiry
Greenway Dental