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green seal certified cleaning

ServiceMaster Building Maintenance believes that greenis not an option but an essential way of doing business. You can rest easy knowing our green cleaningservices and products are safe for the environment and good for your business.

As the eighth Green Seal Certified, greencleaning service provider in the country and the only GS-42 Certified Wisconsin cleaning company, our products, processes, and systems have been independently proven to reduce impact on the environment while still fulfilling our commitment to service excellence.

The ServiceMasterCleanGreen Cleaning system is two-fold.

We utilize a new, independently certified line of products that contain no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and are detergent free. These products have been proven to be as effective for general cleaning and maintenance as standard cleaning products. Also, they greatly reduce the impact on the environment and improve the health and wellness of the individuals in client facilities. These products are low odor, which improve indoor air quality and are especially beneficial to facilities that may have staff members with sensitivities to odors.

Additionally, ServiceMaster Cleanutilizes a patent-pending Capture & Removal Cleaning system of cleaning to improve indoor air quality and cleaning ease through the use of an effective, ergonomically friendly “Sidewinder” wand, HEPA filtration, and a dust wand to physically remove dust particulates from surfaces into the vacuum cleaner. Contrary to common methods of dusting where particulates are stirred up with a duster or similar tool and later resettle on another surface, the wand “Captures and Removes” dust from the facility. Capture & Removal Cleaning has been proven to decrease airborne particulates by more than 50% after being used in a facility for two weeks.

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Take it from Our Clients

Living up to Their Name
ServiceMaster. They truly live up to the name. They are masters at what they do. No matter the day or time of day they are willing and very able to help you out in a pinch. We have always been happy with the service we get from Service Master and really appreciate the extra steps they take when you need their help at the last minute or an emergency. Great follow through with their employees and services. When competitors call to get your business we say with total confidence "no thanks we have Service Master !!"
Sue Kiry
Greenway Dental